Saturday, April 20, 2013

Did I tell you? I ran my 10km in 2XU 2013 Race in 49 mins 11 secs. It is quite a feat yeah?

And then I saw the top 5. They did it in 20 minutes. !!!

No lah, wrong section. It's actually 30 minutes. SO I ASK MYSELF, can I stop wasting my 1 hour and run this 10 click in 45 minutes instead? BOY, I SURE WANT THAT!

And I thought of opening my run again today and do the traditional 2.4. But due to the frantic, sweat induced, worthy street soccer game in the morning, this right lower shin is a little busted. Someone sliced the top and it's leaving that fella a little bruised.

I really need to get my act together. Else, this body is just going to waste. Let's do this.

I am Zul's Plantar Fascia.