Monday, December 31, 2012


He's starting strong. SO AM I.

  1. Body fat at 15%
  2. Maintain 75kg body weight
  3. Pass IPPT
  4. Run a Half Marathon, Full Marathon
  5. BE A BEAST.
Good thing is, I already started strong. Set up schedules. Set up training regimes. Thinking of ways to burn more. LET'S DO THIS.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wholly camolly, he's munching on unhealthy bull* food. HELP.

I am Zul's Plantar Fascia.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Burnt the HTA ground while I was there.

Let's wake up for a moment, and witness this...

Pull Ups - E - 1
Sit Ups - A - 5
Shuttle Run - C - 3
SBJ - F - 0
2.4 km - A - 5

Wait what? An 'A'? Guess the timing! 10.01. Solid whoa.

Strangely enough, I held up to all that thumping and it seems that we broke the personal best. Now, let's set a personal best. Let's do 9.44. That's just 17 seconds away. Let's do this.

Slipped into the Vibrams today to catch up smashing myself onto tar. It didn't really end well. At the 1.63 km mark, I just couldn't hold it together. It just sucks. But considering that I had not really meet tar for about 3 weeks now, it's a good effort.

I am aiming to run at least once in Vibrams a week. One can't lose that natural instinct of bouncing up and down much like springs, absorbing shock after shock, carrying just the weight of yourself. That feeling is surreal. So every Saturday, I dedicate it to myself.

Pity that I run like a beast, I jump the exact opposite. Whatever the opposite of beast is. Those butt muscles man. They gotta work their ass off. Sheesh.

So more of hops.
So more of tuck jumps.
So more of staircases (2 steps a time).
So more of squats.
So more of leg raises.
So more of leg extensions.
So more of running.

I am Zul's Plantar Fascia.

Sunday, November 18, 2012



Simply put, days 1-3-5, gym your biceps, shoulders, chest, and legs in SUPER SETS. 30 minutes tops.

For days 2-4, run. Run like there's Bo tomorrow. A round in .48 there. Play nice with the brick floors. I know the knees will complain. Increase in odd intervals. Sprint without the Vibrams. And hide your Vibrams well, they don't like it there.

Pray it rains in the day and not in the evening.

Good luck.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Are You Ready?

If you haven't guess it by now, he's in the military service. Runs almost everyday, I'm dying. Well almost. I could feel the pain stretching as we hit the 4km mark. But the pain only suggests one thing, I'm ready to hit more tarmac, more ground, more pavement, more track.

We only get to touch remnants of his humanity over the weekend. Consider those a rest days because right now, we are just wasting time away as a human being.

Food for thought: Humans love to waste time.

After much thought, it looks like getting a pass for IPPT might be harder than anticipated. Standing Broad Jump is still a problem. Pull-ups seem impossible. 2.4 has to be faster. Sit Ups has to be harder.

Guess the first step of solving things is to find problems in the first place. So did a search and found out about a little guide that NS prepared to pass IPPT. Pretty nifty.

Gonna process that shitload of info and incorporate in the schedule. Hold on your horses peeps.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm baccccck!

Well? How long has it been? 2 months?

Fasting really didn't make much difference other than the body fat. And I just got worse and worse and bad. Hurts while he walks. Think I'm going to RUPTURE. Bleagh.

But not to worry! I'm going for the jest run soon. Probably a Sunday. And just for the kicks, on Monday.

I am, after all, Zul's Plantar Fascia.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Today's Gym Blog Post

Monday's routine is to focus on your biceps, your shoulders and your chest.

All I did were 3 exercises in shoulders and chest. Disappointing. It's just a lot of people today. I really have to get my routine back in order. BLEAGH.

Heading to rock climbing tomorrow. CAN'T WAIT.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Schedule.

Monday: Bicep Barbell Curls, Assisted Pullups, Military Shoulder Press, Dumbell Side Raise, Pulley Rope Front Shoulder Raise

Wednesday: Lower Back, Chest Fly, Assisted Pullups

Friday: Assisted Pullups, Internal Hips Abductors, External Hip Abductors, Seated Leg Press

Sunday, June 3, 2012



It has been ages since my last post. So here's a rundown of what happened:

1. Stopped running for 3 weeks.
2. Stopped high protein diet for 1 month.
3. Gyming remained 1, 3, 5.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loathe Being Sick

1 week. Really? 1 week of lethargic insides and a fever that hardly goes away? Man, what is the immune system doing?!

Just to be clear, I did not run for a week now. If I don't run tomorrow, I'm going to BERSERK.

I did get to see some action. Thighs are aching from leg presses. And I'm getting really worried for my tummy. If a girl mentions to you about your tummy, it usually mean that you're fat. And cute in some context.

Haha. Oh sheeeet.

Anyway, the Vibrams are getting smelly. And I was thinking of trying this method of dipping them in Listerine. HMM. MINTY FRESHNESS. HERE I COME.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Diet? Oh FFS.

Bbq wings. Indian styles noodles in red gravy. Coconut drink.

Whatever happened to the diet?

Anyway, i didn't get my usual stint yesterday. Hit the treadmill on Mon. But that's just a slow jog. He grew lazy. And I grew weaker.

For fucks sake, get your ass out of there!

Friday, April 20, 2012


I knew the hip abductions were a bad idea. Now, mr groin wakes my master up every morning. Man. I wonder how he rubs one out in peace.

Master just did shoulders with a little bicep curl. The weights at home can just do so much. Maxing at 15 kilos at the bar bell (read: EZ Barbell), it's kinda DAH-umb.

Though tomorrow will be better. Yeah. I better run 3.6 clicks of MAYHEM. Master, you don't give up on me. I won't die that easily.

I'll still die though. I mean, that's our known destiny.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Running. Love that sensation. Until I rupture that is. Blogger is getting better at it's UI. But that's for another day. I updated the blog. Just in case lost souls come stumbling in confusion, as always, an About Me page. And then, I got a calendar to detail my workout.

Ball is rolling. YEAH!

As like all ventures, projects, plans... blah blah blah... We gotta have a goal or something. SO here it is.

  1. Run normally without me being in PAIN. BAHHH. 
  2. Complete 10km within an hour. Don't laugh.
  3. Healthy mind and body and soul. Ahhhhh.
That's it. But of course, the deal with this blogging thingy is so that I can voice out my pain. URGHHHH. And also, wanna just write something. Booyeah.

He got a pair of Vibrams weeks ago when I was in pain. Thought a 180 bucks 'barefoot shoe' could heal me. So that was what we thought. Though others have better luck, it's not all clear blue skies on my side of the lawn.

Ran in the morning today. Got up at 830. Stayed in bed till 9 just because I can. It's chilly sometimes at night when torso selfishly took the blanket away. SHEESH. Being the second run, I was really hoping it would be better. In fact it was! Ran faster for 2 clicks. Only slight residual pain in final 400 metres. But stopped at the 2.15 mark, according to my app that is. Man, technology is NOT that reliable.

Same kind of pain at 2.15. Near the balls, at the topmost. It's striking. With that kind of pain you just have to stop running. And when it occurs when I am lifting off, it's just pure suffering. Bleagh.


"I am Jack's raging bile duct."

If you know that line from a movie, that's great. You deserve to be here! Hello. My name is "Zul's Plantar Fascia". My owner is Zul and originally, I wanted to put it as Jack. But then again, Jack don't own me.

I'm on the verge of rupturing. Just because he put on an old pair of NB shoes and ran like Forest Gump. What the hell was that for? Anyway, thought it would be 'kewl' to document my final grim ghastly days. After all, our generation seems to be trigger happy on blogging and twitting the smallest of things.

Oh oh, I am a muscle that stretches the arc at the sole of his right foot. Bet you didn't guess that? Haha.

Feel free to add some input in the comments. I mean, that's what it's for anyway. And try to give some name for yourself? Like Captain Underpants for example. Don't leave it anonymous. Kinda lame.

So here it goes.

Zul's PF still in pain.