Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loathe Being Sick

1 week. Really? 1 week of lethargic insides and a fever that hardly goes away? Man, what is the immune system doing?!

Just to be clear, I did not run for a week now. If I don't run tomorrow, I'm going to BERSERK.

I did get to see some action. Thighs are aching from leg presses. And I'm getting really worried for my tummy. If a girl mentions to you about your tummy, it usually mean that you're fat. And cute in some context.

Haha. Oh sheeeet.

Anyway, the Vibrams are getting smelly. And I was thinking of trying this method of dipping them in Listerine. HMM. MINTY FRESHNESS. HERE I COME.

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