Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Running. Love that sensation. Until I rupture that is. Blogger is getting better at it's UI. But that's for another day. I updated the blog. Just in case lost souls come stumbling in confusion, as always, an About Me page. And then, I got a calendar to detail my workout.

Ball is rolling. YEAH!

As like all ventures, projects, plans... blah blah blah... We gotta have a goal or something. SO here it is.

  1. Run normally without me being in PAIN. BAHHH. 
  2. Complete 10km within an hour. Don't laugh.
  3. Healthy mind and body and soul. Ahhhhh.
That's it. But of course, the deal with this blogging thingy is so that I can voice out my pain. URGHHHH. And also, wanna just write something. Booyeah.

He got a pair of Vibrams weeks ago when I was in pain. Thought a 180 bucks 'barefoot shoe' could heal me. So that was what we thought. Though others have better luck, it's not all clear blue skies on my side of the lawn.

Ran in the morning today. Got up at 830. Stayed in bed till 9 just because I can. It's chilly sometimes at night when torso selfishly took the blanket away. SHEESH. Being the second run, I was really hoping it would be better. In fact it was! Ran faster for 2 clicks. Only slight residual pain in final 400 metres. But stopped at the 2.15 mark, according to my app that is. Man, technology is NOT that reliable.

Same kind of pain at 2.15. Near the balls, at the topmost. It's striking. With that kind of pain you just have to stop running. And when it occurs when I am lifting off, it's just pure suffering. Bleagh.

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