Friday, October 5, 2012

Are You Ready?

If you haven't guess it by now, he's in the military service. Runs almost everyday, I'm dying. Well almost. I could feel the pain stretching as we hit the 4km mark. But the pain only suggests one thing, I'm ready to hit more tarmac, more ground, more pavement, more track.

We only get to touch remnants of his humanity over the weekend. Consider those a rest days because right now, we are just wasting time away as a human being.

Food for thought: Humans love to waste time.

After much thought, it looks like getting a pass for IPPT might be harder than anticipated. Standing Broad Jump is still a problem. Pull-ups seem impossible. 2.4 has to be faster. Sit Ups has to be harder.

Guess the first step of solving things is to find problems in the first place. So did a search and found out about a little guide that NS prepared to pass IPPT. Pretty nifty.

Gonna process that shitload of info and incorporate in the schedule. Hold on your horses peeps.

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