Saturday, December 1, 2012

Burnt the HTA ground while I was there.

Let's wake up for a moment, and witness this...

Pull Ups - E - 1
Sit Ups - A - 5
Shuttle Run - C - 3
SBJ - F - 0
2.4 km - A - 5

Wait what? An 'A'? Guess the timing! 10.01. Solid whoa.

Strangely enough, I held up to all that thumping and it seems that we broke the personal best. Now, let's set a personal best. Let's do 9.44. That's just 17 seconds away. Let's do this.

Slipped into the Vibrams today to catch up smashing myself onto tar. It didn't really end well. At the 1.63 km mark, I just couldn't hold it together. It just sucks. But considering that I had not really meet tar for about 3 weeks now, it's a good effort.

I am aiming to run at least once in Vibrams a week. One can't lose that natural instinct of bouncing up and down much like springs, absorbing shock after shock, carrying just the weight of yourself. That feeling is surreal. So every Saturday, I dedicate it to myself.

Pity that I run like a beast, I jump the exact opposite. Whatever the opposite of beast is. Those butt muscles man. They gotta work their ass off. Sheesh.

So more of hops.
So more of tuck jumps.
So more of staircases (2 steps a time).
So more of squats.
So more of leg raises.
So more of leg extensions.
So more of running.

I am Zul's Plantar Fascia.

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