Saturday, February 2, 2013


Here is the deal.

With a timing of 9:21, it just means one thing; That I can push it. I can remove the limit. I can feel pain and I can become beyond what I am limited to.

Fuck critics.

I had only imagine having a timing of 9:55. Though I believe in upsetting fate, I never had was at a stage of being too confident. There is a fine line between determined and being over confident. It's way too fine.

It felt surreal. It felt that I ran a 10:00 pace. It felt that my thigh muscles weren't pushing hard. It felt that my lungs were not trying its best. It felt that I was lagging.

Thank heavens, I did it in 9:21. And without me straining. Wonderful.

I definitely can't wait for 10 clicks.

I am Zul's Plantar Fascia.

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